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As a Transformational Life Coach, Essential Oil Specialist and business mentor, I work with professional women who are stressed out and feel trapped and unfulfilled. I help them to become more focused and empowered, so they can live a more vibrant, passionate and balanced life. Often my clients know what to do, but they just don’t have the right support and accountability to help them to get there, which is where I come in.

With a unique set of tools, processes and understanding of the mind, body and spirit connection, I will help you develop self-awareness, break through your limiting beliefs and into your true authentic self. You will also experience the power of nature and learn about simple tools to support your mind, mood and physical health, allowing you to have more energy and vitality in your life.

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Gifts of the Earth


Find out how dōTERRA sources their essential oils, and why that matters. Many companies cut corners when it comes to planting, growing, and harvesting their oils. dōTERRA’s commitment to providing the highest quality essential oils in the industry has inspired so many people that it’s taken us around the globe ~ this is why I choose dōTERRA!

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Nikken PiMag Waterfall®

The PiMag Waterfall® works without electricity or plumbing and lets you enjoy clean, filtered, PiMag® water. Designed to produce water with added minerals in a pH range of 8.5-9.5, making it alkaline, and decreasing the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential). 

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