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How Essential Oils Work

Essential oils support the body on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Essential oils perform many functions as part of the plants immune system, including regulating growth via hormones, functions as plant enzymes, regulating metabolism, and warding off insects.   When we use essential oils, we receive similar health benefits as they aid the

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Quality Of Essential Oils

There are several grades of essential oils available on the market today, including those used within the perfume, food and therapeutic industries.  Interestingly there are essential oil standards for the perfume and food industries; however, the therapeutic industry does not have any official standards. When you are looking for pure therapeutic grade essential oils,

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What Are Essential Oils?

“Did you know that it takes over 10,000 rose petals to make just one 5ml bottle of rose essential oil and only 45-50 lemons to make a 15ml bottle of lemon essential oil.” Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds and are extracted from the seeds, bark, wood, leaves, flowers, roots, fruit and resins of

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Brief History Of Essential Oils

Aromatic plants and oils have been around for thousands of years dating back to the stone ages and were used as incense, perfumes and cosmetics and for medicinal and culinary applications.  With references in religious scripts for their therapeutic, meditative and spiritual purposes, early historical records have shown extensive use of essential oils throughout Egypt, China and India. In Egypt, aromatic plants were

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