How to Say No to Things (Without Feeling Guilty!)

Ever wish you were more assertive and felt able to say no to situations that aren’t in your best interests?  If you tend to feel physically sick or break out in a cold sweat at just the thought of fighting your corner or saying no to somebody, it’s time to work on your assertiveness skills. […]

7 Tips For Forgiving Yourself

We all have things that we regret in life and wish we had done things differently. We’re only human, after all! It’s often a lot easier to forgive other people for fairly major things while hanging onto strong resentment towards yourself for even minor slip ups.  If you find it hard to forgive yourself for […]

6 Ways To Develop Self Trust

Trusting your own intuition is really important for self love. We’re all born with this ability but as we get older and start to become aware of how we’re “supposed” to behave, self trust can go right out of the window. This is why so many of us are constantly seeking the approval of other […]

How A Technology ‘Blackout’ Can Help Your Self Care

How long do you tend to go without using technology? If you’re rarely parted from your mobile phone or tablet and you’re always feeling the urge to check it (even when you know deep down you haven’t got any new messages!), it’s probably having a negative effect on your mental health.  Taking a step back […]

How to Inspire Yourself in 4 Simple Ways

Comparing yourself to other people as a way to inspire yourself is hugely unhelpful. It’s a whole heap healthier to use self-improvement as your motivation. No-one knows you better than you know yourself, and that’s a game-changer for encouraging any changes you want to make in your life.  Acting as your personal inspiration and being […]

The Self Love Practices That You May Be Missing in Your Life

When it’s done right, self love can help to improve your mental wellbeing and stop mental health problems taking control. There can be a lot of confusion around self love and what it really involves but it’s basically all about being kind to yourself. This can take a lot of different forms, some of which […]

5 Self Care Routines In 10 Minutes Or Less

Self Care Routines

For busy women, self-care can feel like an unaffordable luxury. Self-care is often advertised as long weekends spent at the beach, a trip to the spa, or even hours spent on exercise.  In reality, though, self-care can be anything (small or big) you do to give your body attention.  Which is why the following self-care […]

5 Easy Ways to Relax at Home

ways to relax at home

When you’re stressed or anxious, relaxation can be incredibly hard to come by. Changing your mindset to encourage a deeper sense of calm can help a lot and it can free up more time and resources to pursue relaxing activities. Here are 5 super important ways to get more relaxation in your life. #1 – […]

A Simple & Effective Daily Anti-Ageing Routine

facial scrub

If you’re serious about looking younger, you need to be taking action every day. The good news is that you don’t have to spend hours beautifying your skin and fighting the visible signs of ageing. In fact, an effective daily anti-ageing regimen takes just a few minutes a day. Read on to learn the exact […]