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As I’ve already explained, there are lots of different grades of essential oils on the market today and when using essential oils to help improve your health and wellness, you need to make sure that you are using only pure therapeutic grade essentials oils.  The essential oils I use and recommend, are the highest quality and the company work direct with the harvesters and growers to ensure their quality from day one, plus they undergo rigorous testing and independent testing to unsure they are both 100% pure and potent therapeutic grade essential oil. So, let’s get started using essential oils ….

Now the most cost effective way to purchase these oils, is by opening up your own “Wholesale Wellness Account”, as this allows you to save 25% of the retail value, plus you have the opportunity to earn FREE products; and if you are interested they also have an great business opportunity.

Lets Get Started by Joining our Essential Wellness Tribe with Dawn M Murray

For an initial low membership fee of just £24 (£20 + VAT which is waived if you join with one of our enrolment kits), you will receive the following benefits: –

  • 25% off retail prices
  • Option to join the Loyalty Rewards Program and receive 10-30% back in product credits,redeemable for FREE products.
  • Place a monthly order of 125 PV (points value) before the 15th of the month on the Loyalty Rewards Program and receive a FREE product each month.
  • Receive a FREE Personal Website, so that you can start sharing the oils with your friends and family.
  • Plus, their is a fantastic business opportunity, and you can either start supplementing your income or creating a residual income.

When you come round to renewing your account 12 months later, it only costs you £18 (£15 + VAT), but you also receive a FREE Peppermint Essential Oil (rrp £22.40), which is amazing value.  So technically your membership is FREE!


It’s EASY to sign up for your Wholesale Wellness Account…


First of all, lets take a look at our enrolment kit offers, these kits have been put together to suit those wishing to start their own business, to casually sharing with friends or even just using for your own family.  They offer great value and all include FREE wholesale membership.   if you’re unsure which kit would best get you started, then just complete the form below and I had help you.


Follow these simple steps and start saving today…


First of all, click the link below and you will be taken to a new page, so you can continue to follow these instructions whilst opening up your wholesale wellness account.

1. Now click the “Join Now” button at the bottom of the page.  Select your preferred language and country and click continue.

2. Make sure you select “Wholesale Prices” and press continue, as this offers the most cost effective way to purchase and get FREE products.

3. Fill in your details, including your name, address, telephone number, email and date of birth.

4. Next select your time zone (the United Kingdom is under Dublin, Edinburgh, London, just in case you can’t find it)

5. The Enroller and Sponsor ID should already be filled in if you have clicked on via my virtual office link, but make sure it say 1203109, so that I can support you going forward.

6. Enter a password and agree to the basic Terms and Conditions and virtual office user agreement, before clicking continue.

7. Select your initial order, you can either select one of the enrolment kits OR add the Welcome Pack and Enrolment Fee and select you own products to the baskets by just to type the name of the product in the “additional product box”.

My personal favourite enrolment kit is the Natural Solutions Kit and is the kit I initially started with, as it gave me the best value for a range of different products, plus I received a 100 FREE product points and started my Loyalty Rewards program at 15%.   For those who are interested in starting the business straight away, I would definitely recommend the Every Oil Kit or Diamond Builder Kit.  If you’re still unsure which kit to choose, don’t worry I can help you.

8. Once you have completed you order, click “View Totals” and enter you billing details and how you would like to pay.

9. Click “Continue and Review Order”, you will now be asked to enter your card details before processing your order.

10. You will now have the option to set up a Loyalty Rewards Program order straight away, but don’t worry if you don’t know what you would like to order going forward, we will cover this in your wellness consultation.

If you would like my help choosing the right enrolment kit for your personal needs, or have some questions before you join, please book an appointment with me here …

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