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share the benefits of essential oils with friends and family

What’s more fun than attending an essential oil class?  Hosting your own at Home or on Facebook with your friends of course!


When you host an essential oil class in your own home or on Facebook, I will help you arrange the night for a time and date that suits you and your friends.   With a choice of so many fun demonstrations choose from, to help you learn practical tips on using essential oils on a daily basis; plus the opportunity for each guest to make and take* away their own special essential oil product (*home parties only).  

Whether you are a complete beginner to essential oils or just wanting to expand your knowledge and learn even more ways on using essential oils on a daily basis, we have a class that is perfect for you and your friends.

Essential Oil Education Classes

  • Essential Oils 101 (Introductory class)
  • Essential Oils for Women’s Health
  • Essential Oils for Sleep
  • Essential Oils for Support & Relief
  • Emotions and Essential Oils
  • Weight Management and Essential Oils
  • Essential Oils for the Home Spa Experience
  • Essential Oils and Babies
  • Essential Oils and Pregnancy
  • School Time and Essential Oils
  • Essential Oils and Teenagers
  • Essential Oils for Pets
  • Cleaning with Essential Oils
  • Cooking with Essential Oils

Make & Take Classes

  • Essential Bath Treats
  • Essential Perfumes
  • Felix & Fido Pet Care
  • Rollerball – Babies & Mama’s
  • Rollerball – Kids
  • Rollerball – Mood
  • Rollerball – Wellness

What are the benefits of hosting a class?


  • Thank You Gift for hosting a class, including a 5 ml Wild Orange and Living Magazine
  • Learn about the powerful benefits of essential oils, including tips for everyday living
  • Everyone gets to experience the powerful benefits of the oils
  • You and your guests get to shop in the comfort of your home
  • Exclusive Rewards when you host a 200 PV+ class, (or commission subject to monthly LRP of 100 PV)
  • Plus additional FREE Gifts for guest attendance and bookings

Inviting your friends


Don’t worry, I am going to make you class really easy to arrange.  Let’s just pick a time and date to suit you and your friends, and then I will provide you with party postcards to send out to your friends. I will also help you to create an event on Facebook, to get the word out as well; and even suggested text messages, so that you can share in the ways that work best for you!

Enjoy the Class!


Have fun with your friends, as you enjoy learning about how you can use the essential oils aromatically, topically and internally; plus learn how you can be create in your home, with DIY cleaning, bath and body care products, cooking and so much more.  You’ll also have plenty of time to look through our products with your friends and ask question on which oils will best suit your needs, as I share with you the most cost effective way to purchase the oils, including some special enrolment kit offers for everyone.

Hostess Rewards

The more quests you have in attendance and the more sales on the night, the greater your rewards.  

Hostess Credits


  • 200 PV Sales = 20 points
  • 400 PV Sales = 45 points
  • 600 PV Sales = 70 points
  • 800 PV Sales = 100 points
  • 1000 PV Sales = 150 points
Plus an 15 additional points per 100 PV of sales over 1000 PV.              

I’d like to Host a Class!

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