How To Use Laughter And Humour To Destress In 6 Ways

Laughter and humour can be super effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety. 

According to studies, laughter is the perfect stress relief. It triggers the release of feel-good endorphins that improve your mood, and regular laughter can make it easier for you to manage your response to stressful situations. The University of Basel found that people who do a ton of laughing also do better at dealing with stressful situations.

It’s not just great for stress relief though. Having a good laugh helps you take in more oxygen, boosts your cardiovascular system, relaxes your muscles, reduces pain levels, and has positive effects on your heart rate and blood pressure. All of this can help you feel more relaxed. 

Here’s how to make humour and laughter a huge part of your life so you can reap the benefits.

#1 – Listen To Your Favourite Comedian

Even just a few minutes listening to your favourite comedian can lift your spirits and bring your stress levels down. 

A ton of comedians are now offering some of their sketches and routines online, so it’s a whole heap easier to get your humour fix. Hop online and reconnect with your favourite comedians. You may find some new ones to follow too.

#2 – Laugh At Yourself Doing Something Fun

Poking fun at yourself is another easy way to destress. For maximum impact, you can even video yourself doing something fun and look back on it later on. 

Laughing at yourself can feel super weird at first, but even if it’s fake, it has positive effects on your body and wellbeing.

#3 – Watch Funny Videos

How many times have you finished watching a funny video and totally forgot that you’d previously been worrying about something?

This is perfect proof of the science in action and a powerful reminder of how stress can be managed by getting more laughter in your day to day life.

Doing more of this is super smart, and there are lots of easy ways to do this.

Jump on TikTok and view some funny clips. If you’re not a TikTok fan, hop on YouTube instead and find some videos that make you smile. From crazy animals to amazing pranks, it’s super easy to find videos that will bring humour into your day.

Those crazy pet videos, hilarious memes, and jaw-dropping TikTok clips aren’t just a waste of time – think of them as a kind of therapy.

And if you don’t find anything new to brighten up your day, your favourite shows are guaranteed to make you laugh and help to destress. You already know and love these, so they’re guaranteed to hit the spot.

#4 – Use Humour To Change Your Perspective 

Humour can help you gain a whole new perspective on situations.

If you’d normally feel super anxious about something, humour can quickly defuse it.

Try reading funny jokes or watching an amusing video while you’re waiting for an appointment and wait for those feel-good endorphins to make you feel a whole heap calmer. 

Whereas you’d generally be flooded with stress hormones like cortisol, you can swap this for dopamine. This change is hugely important for protecting against the super harmful effects of stress – and it also brings a ton of health and wellbeing benefits.

#5 – Surround Yourself With Humour

Keep humour at the forefront of your mind with funny greetings cards, postcards — anything that makes you smile and releases those endorphins. They act as a visual reminder of laughter.

Having amusing DVDs, movies, or books around your home can also help. Making a conscious effort to use these several times in an average week gets you super used to having more humour in your life.

And if you need a helping hand to destress in between, you can turn to your tried and tested favourites whenever you need a mental pick-me-up or a bit of stress relief.

#6 – Inject Humour Into Conversations

Bring a touch of humour into your conversations with friends and family too.

This doesn’t have to involve cracking jokes all the time. You definitely don’t need to be an amateur comedian to make this work!

Try jogging their memories about funny things that have happened in the past. This can quickly turn into a hilarious series of anecdotes as everyone chips in with their recollections. 

Along with providing a massive dose of humour to reduce stress, it’s great for connecting you to others too.

Making laughter a super important part of your life is absolutely crucial for stress relief. Finding ways to get more humour into your everyday life can help keep stress in check and has a ton of other benefits for your wellbeing too.

Until next time, take care for now, 

Dawn  🌿 🌸 🌿

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