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Storing Essential Oils

Pure therapeutic grade essential oils naturally lose some of their potency over time, however if they are properly stored, they will maintain their potency for a very long time!

Heat, sunlight and air can affect the chemistry of essential oils, so here are some things you should do to help preserve the life of your oils.

Usually when you purchase essential oils, they come in a  dark coloured glass bottle  (amber, blue or green are the most common colours).  This helps to reduce the ultra violet rays from affecting the oils, so make sure when you purchase your oils they do come in dark coloured glass bottles and not in a plastic one.

Even though they are in a dark coloured glass bottle, you still need to keep your oils out of direct sunlight , so don’t leave them on the windowsill or kitchen worktops.

Find a  cool dark place to store them, it doesn’t have to be extremely cold (like your fridge) but it does need to be cool.

If you want to keep them all together, then purchasing an essential oils storage box  is a great idea, as it keeps them out of direct sunlight.  I do have some essential oils that live in my kitchen and I store them in a closed cupboard out of direct sunlight and not directly next to the cooker or hob.

By storing your essential oils correctly, you reduce oxidisation and help to prevent the oils from deteriorating.

When using the oils, don’t leave the lids off any longer than you need to, as this can also cause oxidisation.

Remember that essential oils are flammable, so keep away from candles, cookers, etc. and keep them out of reach of babies and children.

Pure therapeutic grade essential oils approved for internal use, should contain a printed expiration date on their packaging (this is a regulatory requirement).   The company’s pure therapeutic grade essential oils that I use, cannot guarantee the oils after this expiration date for internal use, as they can lose some of their potency over time.  However, shelf life testing has shown that there are no problems even after 5-10 years.

Have a great day,

Dawn 🌿🌸🌿

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