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Changing Lives, Whilst Creating A Residual Income

Does the idea of creating a more natural, healthier life for you and your loved ones, while at the same time helping others intrigue you?

Are you interested in creating a residual income, allowing you to give back?

If you’ve answered a resounding YES to these questions, then great news … you’re in the right place!

When I chose to leave my full-time job and start my own home-based business, I was really clear that I answered yes to these questions too.  I had become painfully aware that office work was not my passion; I got bored easily and I didn’t feel valued. I knew I wanted to create financial freedom for my partner Jay and I and we wanted to start a family and be able to provide our children with all the things we never had.

When I was introduced to dōTERRA, I knew it was the perfect business opportunity to help me create the life I wanted.  I am totally committed and dedicated to building a thriving business with dōTERRA and completely believe in their products, mission, ethics and values.  This really is an amazing business opportunity; dōTERRA offer an awesome compensation plan, which offers the opportunity to earn a residual income whilst helping others.  

dōTERRA business opportunity is more than just a way to create a residual income, it’s about creating a better life not only for you and your family, but for the communities where the oils our sources as part of our co-impact sourcing model, and the people whose lives you touch by sharing the oils with them.

We don’t ‘sell’ the oils in the traditional way, we share the oils that we have purchased for our own personal use, to ‘sample’ potential customer. This allows them to learn about the many benefits of using essential oils and experience the purity and potency of the oils for themselves. They are then more like to want to purchase the oils from you, by opening up their own wholesale account, as this allows them to purchase the oils at the best possible price. Plus, we provide our customers and potential customers with ongoing support and education, to help them to learn more about the many benefits of using natural solutions. But don’t worry, my team and I will provide you with full training and ongoing support.

Click here for an independent review about our business from the respected ‘Business For Home’ organisation.

Discover the Possibilities

I absolutely love this video about dōTERRA’s Business Opportunity, as it shares why network marketing is the perfect business model, as it’s about building relationships. 

In conjunction with a high quality product like dōTERRA and ongoing support from me and my team, dōTERRA’s business opportunity gives everyone the ability to succeed. 

Are you ready to join me and my team and create the lifestyle you deserve! 

Why dōTERRA?

What are the benefits of becoming a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate?

  • For a low registration fee of £24, you will enjoy the following benefits as dōTERRA Wellness Advocates:
  • Purchase products at wholesale prices 25% below retail prices.
  • Earn product credits in the Monthly Rewards program.
  • Earn FREE products each month.
  • Build a team by sponsoring new Wholesale Customers and Wellness Advocates, whilst receiving generous bonuses on their sales and on the sales of the Customers and Wellness Advocates they sponsor.
  • Your own personalised business management website with no monthly fee.
  • Other special product promotions and discounts.

Here our two brief video’s showing the amazing growth we are experiencing in Europe. As you can see, there never has been a better time to join us!

Compensation Plan

dōTERRA’s generous compensation plan is a proven vehicle to create powerful, lasting residual income while incentivising synergy and collaboration.

Each of us have the opportunity to create and live the life we desire. With dōTERRA you can build an abundant financial pipeline to allow yourself to be free to give!

Success Is Simple

I will support and share with you a proven duplication model to create a successful business in doTERRA and with your commitment to change, we can make a difference together. 

My promise to you is that I’ll support you all the way and share with you a proven duplication model for creating a successful dōTERRA business, and with your dedication and commitment to change we can and will make a difference together.


My package of support for my Wellness Advocates is comprehensive and includes:

  • 1:1 coaching and mentoring with yours truly!
  • Access to our team and business Facebook page(s)
  • Team training webinars and amazing business building content
  • A clearly laid out compensation plan, so you can understand all of the awesome benefits and incentives you receive
  • Comprehensive online Leadership and Business Development Training with our Empowered Success training program, taking you step by step through the products, how to get started and how to build your successful business – if you dive in and really go for it then a 6-figure business is completely achievable
  • Access to leadership and mentoring calls
  • Training to help you create your own personalised business strategy
  • PLUS, the ability to purchase products at the lowest prices and earn FREE products as you grow your business


Sounds good hey?!  Believe me this is a truly amazing business to be part of, so if you’re ready to go for it and become a member of our rapidly expanding dōTERRA Wellness Advocate Team or are even just a little intrigued to find out more about owning a home-based business in health and wellness, then look no further!


Please contact me TODAY to arrange a 1:1 meeting, so we can discuss this amazing business opportunity in full. Alternatively use the link below to book your business consultation directly with me! 

Power Of Residual Income

Many people spend their lives trading hours for income and lack fulfilment or a sense of purpose. With dōTERRA, anyone can choose to create time, energy and financial freedom through building a lasting residual income. 

David Ellis shared this amazing presentation sharing the possibilities of dōTERRA’s compensation plan and the power of creating a residual income. 

Are you ready to get started …. if so click here!

Want To Learn More ...

Would you like to run your own essential oil business, working from home whilst living an abundant life, earning a good income with a schedule that fits around you and your family!

Statutory Wealth Warning – It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

*All Wellness Advocates receive an initial 25% discount on all products but can also earn an additional 10% – 30% discount in effect that is available using dōTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Programme.