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Hi, my name is Dawn Murray and I am a Transformation Life Coach, Essential Oil Specialist and dōTERRA Wellness Advocate. I am also a fiancé and mum to our beautiful german shepherd ~ Kodi 🐾

I predominantly work with women who feel stressed out, trapped and unfulfilled. I help them to become more focused and empowered, so they can live a more vibrant, passionate and balanced life. With a unique set of tools, processes and understanding of the mind, body and spirit connection, I will help you develop self-awareness, break through your limiting beliefs and into your true authentic self.

I would love to connect to discuss your goals and see if I can support you on your journey to a happier, healthier life!

Dawn xo

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"These essential oils have changed my life! They have allowed me to manage my pain without the debilitating necessity of narcotic drugs. My life is my own again!"

-Janis G-

"As a mother, I have become so empowered with the ability to help my family in difficult and scary moments with these oils! There is no better gift than that!"

-Candace A-

"I am so grateful this opportunity came into my life. The opportunity to control my own health. The opportunity to help others. The opportunity

to create an income doing what I love!"

-Trey F-

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