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*Sample Packs are ONLY available to anyone who does NOT already have an active dōTERRA Wholesale Account. This group is intended to educate and introduce new people to the benefits of using essential oils, who are not already enrolled or already working with another Wellness Advocate. We adhere to the ethical guidelines of the company.

Help Reduce Stiffness, Tension and Aches!


This is the perfect sample pack for anyone with stiff joints, tension issues in their neck or if you’re hitting the gym hard. This trio of oils will help support your muscles, promote circulation, and ease feelings of tension. Perfect for a massage after a long day or an intense workout.

A Perfect Trio of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint.

You can do SO many things with these three oils as they are versatile in cooking, cleaning, mood support, and everyday health and wellness. This pack is a great sample pack for those who want to learn a bit more but don’t know where to start.

Three Oils to Help Keep You Well

Essential oils and blends to boost your immune system, support clearing of airways and help to reduce earache and ear pain. This is a great trio of oils for people wanting to be proactive in boosting their immune system, protecting themselves against environmental threats, whilst cleansing and purify the air.

For Mum’s to Support Natural Family Health!

This sample trio of essential oils will helps to: Calm a restless baby or child, Uplift mood and help you feel energised, and Help build and maintain a healthy immune system, for you and your little ones. The perfect trio to help support wellness and mood, naturally!

Time to Chill Out, Unwind and Find Balance

The perfect oils for everyday mood support for kids and adults. To help ease feelings of tension and anxiety, help reduce stress, uplift your mood and promote relaxation. For anyone who wants to support their moods naturally and create balance and holistic support emotionally.

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